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1. General Conditions of Use & Legal Notice

Pursuant to the provisions set forth under article 6 III 1° of law n°2004-575 of 21 June 2004 for Confidence in the Digital Economy, we hereby inform you that the present website at (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") is edited by:

AFNOR (Association française de normalisation)

AFNOR (French Standards Association) Registered Office: 11, avenue Francis de Pressensé 93571 LA PLAINE SAINT DENIS CEDEX France Tel : +33 (0)1 41 62 80 00 Fax: +33 (0)1 49 17 90 00

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Publication Manager: Olivier Peyrat, AFNOR General Manager

This website is hosted by:

AFNOR, 11 rue Francis de Pressensé 93571 LA PLAINE SAINT DENIS CEDEX France Tel. : +33 (0)1 41 62 80 00.

For any comments or suggestions with regard to the website, please write to: .

Intellectual Property

All information available at is protected by French legislation in force concerning intellectual property. All reproduction rights are reserved, whether in relation to the website design or its content (in particular text, images, sounds, icons, photographs, maps, logos, marks, videos, downloadable documents). These elements may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, on any medium whatsoever, without the prior consent of AFNOR.

The documents contained on the website, along with all elements created for the website, are the property of AFNOR, its subsidiaries and affiliates, and are subject to the legislation protecting copyright when made available to the public on the Website. Copies of documents contained on this site may be made for information purposes only and solely for strictly private use and for reference only. No licence or right other than that of viewing the Website shall be granted to anyone with regard to intellectual property rights.

The reproduction of documents contained on the Website is authorised for information purposes only and strictly for private use and for reference only: any reproduction and any use of copies made for any other purposes is strictly prohibited.

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, company names, logos, products and trademarks indicated on the Website are the property of AFNOR. Indication thereof shall not grant any licence or right of use whatsoever over any of the said trademarks, which cannot be used without the prior written consent of AFNOR (with the exception of proprietors of rights of use of collective trademarks and/or collective certification trademarks of which you shall benefit in the framework of certification services).

Any links, editorial partnerships or affiliations must be the subject of prior consent, which should be requested by e-mailing the webmaster at the following address:

The prior written consent of AFNOR shall be required for the following:

- Extraction, by permanent or temporary transfer, of all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial proportion of the contents of the databases onto another medium, by any means and in any form whatsoever; - Reuse, by making available to the public all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial proportion of the contents of the databases, in any form whatsoever;

More widely, any extraction or reuse of data for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

The following are hereby authorised:

- Extraction or re-use of an insubstantial proportion of the contents of the databases, assessed in a qualitative or quantitative manner. However, this provision should not be construed as authorising repeated, systematic extraction or re-use of qualitatively or quantitatively insubstantial proportions of the databases.

More widely, any use of the databases which complies with their intended use is authorised.

Any other use not expressly authorised or any reproduction in whole or in part of this website by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited unless AFNOR has granted prior permission in writing and constitutes an infringement punishable pursuant to articles L.355-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code.

2. Personal information

AFNOR shall collect nominative data and information, notably through forms and management of the client area. Pursuant to articles 38, 39 and 40 of law No. 78-17 of the French Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act of 6 January 1978, amended in August 2004, you are entitled to access, delete, modify and correct personal data. To exercise this right, please write to the following address:

AFNOR, for the attention of the Manager of Marketing and Commercial Information Systems, 11, rue Francis de Pressensé - 93571 Saint-Denis La Plaine Cedex, France.

AFNOR operates a database containing personal information that may concern your employees, contractors, customers, members, partners.

This data includes the following:

- Company name - Physical/postal/Web address - Telephone number, fax, e-mail - Business sector (NAF Code, SIRET) - Number of employees - Turnover - Full names of contact people - Title - Position - Skills/certifications/competencies - Centre of interest (customers)

This data is intended for internal and/or external use or promotion of AFNOR's standardisation, certification, consulting/training and/or information activities. Pursuant to the aforementioned Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act, you are entitled to access, delete, modify and correct data concerning you and/or oppose its transfer to third parties. To exercise this right, please write to the following address:

AFNOR, for the attention of the Manager of Marketing and Commercial Information Systems, 11, rue Francis de Pressensé - 93571 Saint-Denis La Plaine Cedex, France.

3. Confidentiality of messages

Any messages sent to use over the Website may be intercepted by third parties. Consequently, outside secure areas, the confidentiality of these messages cannot be guaranteed and indications of origin can be forged.

4. Conditions of use of "My Account"

To log on to the Website, you should ensure you have your access codes (login + password).

It shall refrain from informing any Third Party whatsoever, including other members of its staff not declared as Users, any access code information. In the event of default in respecting this obligation, AFNOR hereby reserves the right to legally terminate the subscription, without prior notice.

In the event of loss or theft of the access codes or a change of administrator, you should immediately inform AFNOR by any means possible. In return, AFNOR will assign you with new codes as soon as practically possible. If necessary, the access code(s) can be changed at any time by AFNOR.

The right of use of the User shall become effective on the launch date of the Website and shall end by right following the services performed by any of the certification bodies of AFNOR Group.

AFNOR hereby reserves the right to amend the following at any time:

- The conditions of use of the Website - Management of authorised users - The "active" or "inactive" status of users - Access rights to the Website, notably in the event of suspension or withdrawal of certification and/or evaluation of any other service rendered by any of the certification bodies of AFNOR Group. - "Open" or "restricted" access offered on the Website

5. User liability and management of "commercial documents" and "private documents"

a) User liability

Users hereby undertake only to use Website services and all information to which they may have access for personal reasons and in a legal and responsible manner, without prejudice to third party rights.

Users hereby acknowledge to have verified that the information system configuration they use does not harbour any virus and is in perfect working order.

Users hereby undertake not to hinder the use that other users may make of the Website and not to access any parts of the Website for which access is reserved. Users hereby undertake not to interfere or interrupt normal operations of the Website. Users hereby undertake not to commit any action for any commercial, political, advertising means or for commercial canvassing and notably not to send unsolicited emails. Users hereby undertake not to collect, use or process any personal data of other users.

b) Management of "commercial documents" and "private documents" Where applicable, all internal documents (texts, books and illustrations) provided by the User to AFNOR in the framework of the dedicated client area shall be protected by copyright. In this regard, Users hereby undertake to hold all necessary intellectual property rights. These internal documents shall remain the full property of Users and AFNOR, as web host, shall not hold any intellectual property right thereover.

Consequently, pursuant to articles 6 I 2 et seq of the Law on Confidence in the Digital Economy, resulting from transposition of article 14 of Directive 2000/31/EC[5], AFNOR, in the capacity as web host, is not responsible for any illegal content provided by the user on the client area and, notably, "if they were unaware" of the illegal nature of content stored or "if immediately upon becoming aware thereof, they acted in a prompt manner to remove this data or to block access thereunto".

6. Liability of the publisher

Information communicated on the Website shall only be provided for reference, and may not incur the liability of AFNOR. This information may be amended or updated without notice. AFNOR hereby reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to make improvements and/or amendments to the Website.

The liability of AFNOR may not be incurred for any of the following:

- damages of any nature, whether direct or indirect, resulting from use of the website, and notably any operational losses, financial losses, or commercial losses, loss of programmes and/or data in particular in the information system of the Website user, - damages of any nature, whether direct or indirect, resulting from the content and/or use of related Internet sites or those to which users may have access via the Website, - the impossibility of accessing the Website and/or any related Internet sites, - hindrance in the use of the Website, - any errors or omissions in the Website

AFNOR shall take all measures to offer users information and/or tools which are available and verified, but may not be held liable for any errors, lack of availability of information and/or the presence of any viruses.

AFNOR is unable to guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or up to date nature of information published on the Website. Consequently, Users hereby acknowledge that they will use this information under their sole and exclusive liability.

7. Navigation (Cookies)

A cookie is a file of limited size, generally comprising letters and figures, sent by the AFNOR internet server to the web browser cookie file located on your hard disk. For instance, this allows the website to recognise the user when logging on to our server using the same web browser. The main objective of cookies is to allow our server to display customised pages to users. Consequently, your visit to our website is much more personal and precisely corresponds to your needs.

Two types of cookies are used on this Website:

- Session Cookies: these are temporary cookies which are placed in the cookie file of your browser until you close the browser session. These cookies are required for the due and proper operation of certain applications of Website functionalities. - Persistent Cookies: it is likely that we will use persistent cookies so as to improve user log in. These cookies are stored in the cookie file on your browser over a longer period. Persistent cookies allow information to be sent to the server each time you visit the website.

This information can be processed by AFNOR and/or its subsidiaries.

Every Internet user has the option to refuse the registration of this data by modifying the configuration of their computer browser to determine whether or not cookies are accepted. If the user's browser is configured to refuse cookies, certain services or functions may be impaired.

Information about your navigation from persistent cookies is deleted three (3) years following your first visit.